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US 101 Mini Storage Tips

  1. Only move dry items into your storage unit.
  2. Plastic bins are a much more superior way to store your items.
  3. Keep stored items away from the air vents.
  4. Only non-perishable items should be stored.
  5. Mattresses and box springs should be stored with a plastic cover.
  6. Large heavy boxes should be placed on the bottom, while lighter boxes are stacked on top.
  7. Labeling your boxes/bins with the labels facing out, will help make finding your items easier.
  8. Items you will need to access more often should be kept closest to the door.
  9. Do not store odorous items.
  10. Nothing flammables (gas, oil, propane tank, gas tanks, etc.)
  11. Cover all furniture
  12. To utilize space in your unit, store your sofa upright.
  13. Only place bins or boxes on the storage floor. Keep upholstered items off the floor.
  14. Use only recommended lock sizes.
  15. Always double check your lock is bolted before leaving your unit.
Self Storage Tips
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